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MP3 On Weed - If I Could Explain You It Would Not Be The Same mp3 flac

  • Singer: MP3 On Weed
  • Album: If I Could Explain You It Would Not Be The Same
  • MP3: 1950 mb | FLAC: 1627 mb
  • Released: 2014
  • Style: Ambient, Cloud Rap, Experimental
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Votes: 106
MP3 On Weed - If I Could Explain You It Would Not Be The Same mp3 flac

Are you sure? It would mean no money! Complete signup. Tracklist: Intro Yung Simmie - Off the Dank Atom™ - Strom H2O Sports - Slipped Intermezzo Camu - Pashupatinath Camu - Brothers Gucci Mane - Aww Man (Gila Monster rmix) Alva Noto - Prototype 10 Marow - Lucid Dream (Once We Were Friends] Bruises - Sailing Stones Tim Hecker - Incurably Optimistic Oscar Corrigan - Funeral Pyre Eets - Mind Games Space Gang - Squad Deeply.

DJ Mix – MP3 On Weed.

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I had smoked the same weed earlier and got high off of a bowl between three people before. It was probably mids. Anyway, we started watching Step Brothers. About 20 minutes in to the movie, I realized I was laughing really hard. I then noticed my heart was beating extremely fast, or at least what I thought was really fast. I started to grab my chest because it felt as if my heart was going to explode. There was some intense pain. I began shaking and then the most immense and excrustiating amount of pain shot through my body and it felt as if my heart exploded. The mind is a very powerful tool, the same power that caused the wave of panic can also be used to stave it off and eventually never experience the feeling again. I'm gonna have to try this sometime. DoobieBrother, Mar 11, 2009.

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I must admit that I would feel judged as the person who 'can't handle their weed' if people realized what was going on inside my head. That said, when friends confess that they 'always' get paranoid, I do question their choice to partake. I am always afraid that people will think I am super pathetic. I could also get really anxious if I was in a warm or especially enclosed space, or if I was somewhere I couldn't leave and go home at a moment's notice if I needed to - thank God there are abundant taxis in NYC.

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1.1 MP3 On Weed Intro
1.2 Yung Simmie Off The Dank
1.3 Atom™ Strom
1.4 H2O Sports Slipped
1.5 MP3 On Weed Intermezzo
1.6 Camu Pashupatinath
1.7 Camu Brothers
1.8 Gucci Mane Aww Man (Gila Monster Rmix)
Remix – Gila Monster*
1.9 Alva Noto Prototype 10
1.10 Marow Lucid Dream (Once We Were Friends]
1.11 Bruises Sailing Stones
1.12 Tim Hecker Incurably Optimistic
1.13 Oscar Corrigan Funeral Pyre
1.14 Eets Mind Games
1.15 Space Gang Squad Deeply


  • DJ Mix – MP3 On Weed


Duration: 42:52