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Tommy Heavenly6 - Halloween Addiction mp3 flac

  • Singer: Tommy Heavenly6
  • Album: Halloween Addiction
  • MP3: 1840 mb | FLAC: 1333 mb
  • Released: 2012
  • Style: Pop Rock, Pop Punk, Hard Rock
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Votes: 461
Tommy Heavenly6 - Halloween Addiction mp3 flac

Home Japan J-Pop Album Tommy february6 & Tommy heavenly6 – Tommy’s. Tommy february6 & Tommy heavenly6 – Tommy’s Halloween Fairy tale. jpopsingle December 29, 2015 779 0 Tommy heavenly6. mp3 . 7 MB 02 LIVING DEAD DINER GIRLS. 5 MB 03 The Sparkling Candy Ma. p3 . 7 MB 04 Follow the White Rabbit!(INSTRUMENTAL). 5 MB 05 LITTLE RED FOREST. 6 MB 06 Frozen Raspberry Snow.

HALLOWEEN ADDICTION is a mess, and the expanded narrative presence of Tommy’s backup band takes her Anglophile fetish too far. Aside from bad acting, these guys don’t deserve the spotlight. I’d much rather hear Tommy tell her magical tale instead of a stiffly-performed English voiceover. The Story of the Shadow/Light Princess Twins caught my attention as a creative telling of the dual-Tommy origin, but the single Never Ending Party Night is an easy retread of riffs we’ve heard before, and Lollipop Candy BAD Girl is regrettably forgettable. Back to I’m Your Devil - still epic.

Halloween Addiction" is a Tomoko Kawase's first mini-album, featuring both her personas as Tommy february6 and Tommy Heavenly6. It is a Halloween themed EP, featuring her 2006 Halloween themed Tommy Heavenly6 song Lollipop Candy Bad Girl, a remix of Heavenly's song I'm Your Devil and the new song "Never Ending Party Night".

HALLOWEEN ADDICTION (Album). Tracklist: 1. NEVER ENDING PARTY NIGHT – Opening 2. NEVER ENDING PARTY NIGHT – Carnival 3. NEVER ENDING PARTY NIGHT – heavenly6 is coming! 4. NEVER ENDING PARTY NIGHT – Toss the Summoner’s Coin 5. NEVER ENDING PARTY NIGHT – Why Don’t You Come With Me? 6. NEVER ENDING PARTY NIGHT – Story of the Shadow Light Princess Twins 7. NEVER ENDING PARTY NIGHT – NEVER ENDING PARTY NIGHT 8. Lollipop Candy BAD girl – Intro 9. Lollipop Candy BAD girl – The Pumpkin’s Forest 10.

Halloween Addiction" is a Halloween EP released by Tomoko Kawase under the Tommy heavenly6 persona, and features one track performed by Tommy february6. It contains two previously released "Halloween singles" and one new track. It was released October 17, 2012. Halloween Addiction debuted at on the Oricon chart. All songs written by Tomoko Kawase, all songs performed by Tommy heavenly6 except "Why Don't You Come with Me?" performed by Tommy february6.

Tommy February6 & Tommy Heavenly6 releases a new title, album. the price for Halloween Addiction drops. Warner Music releases a new product. the price for Halloween Addiction drops below. US$. Our privacy statement.

I’m Your Devil (Halloween Remix)" was a great track from Tommy Heavenly6's 2012 February and Heavenly. However, her 2013 Halloween Addiction EP, a collection of Halloween-related songs and skits, really didn't need to happen. Read full story: jrock247. While "I'm Your Devil (Halloween Remix)" remains a solid track, the rest of this EP is mostly a purposeless indulgence in Tommy's Anglophile fetish.


Never Ending Party Night
1 Opening
2 "Carnival" (-楽しいカーニバル-)
3 Heavenly6 Is Coming!" (-ヘヴンリーがやってくる!)
4 Toss The Summoner's Coin!" (-召喚のコイン!-)
5 "Why Don't You Come With Me?" (-私と一緒に来てみたらどう?-)
6 "Story Of Shadow Light Princess Twins" (-双子のシャドウ・ライト・プリンセスのお話-)
7 Never Ending Party Night" (-決して終わることのないパーティ-)
Lollipop Candy Bad Girl
8 "Intro"
9 "The Pumpkin's Forest" (-カボチャの森-)
10 "It's A Magical Party Mysterious Cake" (-マジカル・パーティー ミステリアス・ケーキ-)
11 "Lollipop Candy Bad Girl 1" (-ロリポップ・キャンディ・バッド・ガール- 1)
12 "Music Box Sweet Dream A"
13 "It's A Magical Party My Dream Will Come True" (-夢見るフェブラリー-)
14 "Lollipop Candy Bad Girl 2" (-ロリポップ・キャンディ・バッド・ガール- 2)
15 "Music Box Sweet Dream B"
Im Your Devil Halloween Remix
16 "Who Am I...? A" (-私は誰かって?- A)
17 "Royal Darkness Tea Party" (-ロイヤル・ダークネス・ティー・パーティ-)
18 Music Box I'm Your Devil"
19 "I'm Your Devil" (-私はあなたの悪魔よ-)
20 "Be Ready For The Nightmare" (-悪夢への準備-)
21 "Who Am I...? B" (-私は誰かって?- B)